The Restoration of a Curtiss Helldiver...the last known Helldiver airframe, BuAer 75552
Watch the Helldiver from WWII. Awsome video footage.
In 1984 3 Curtiss Helldiver airframes were recovered from Lake Washington from a depth of about 150 feet.

This is the last available airframe. The US Air Force Helldiver (above) was identical to this aircraft(below) in the beginning. We would like to show you some progress and examples of work so you will see what the flying airplane will look like.

Lets face it, lots of parts will be made new. All parts are made from formers and jigs that were fabricated from ORIGINAL Helldiver parts. These parts have been acquired for the last 26 years.

Starting with the first recovered airframe pictured from above, in just a few years Mike restored the Air Force Helldiver to this point. Mike will be joining Vultures Row Aviation for the duration of the Helldiver restoration. He brings with him many different talents in the restoration and fabrication of Helldiver parts.

Complete engine cowlings made by hand, from scratch. We have an original early cowling so new cowlings will be 100% authentic. We have original engine accessory cowlings, cowl flaps and stainless steel firewall. Original NOS Exhaust, NOS landing gear sets, Front windscreen and complete NOS Canopies. NOS and used hydraulic actuating cylinders and many many other NOS parts. We also have a foundry for casting parts.

We have outer left and right original wings. They are already completely dis-assembled. New spars and spar caps will be CNC machined. Shown here is my SNJ wing ready for reassembly. We have a proven record for building wings and a wing jig.
Attention to detail is mandatory and truth be told it's an obsession. Shown here is the detail in our ink stamp markings on aluminum skins and the pitot tube lines. If your looking for a top trophy winning airplane we have a track record for delivering.

Looking for an authentic cockpit, here is an original Helldiver cockpit.

The Air Force Helldiver